I’ve been a fan of Rooster Teeth productions since pretty much the beginning. This was the early days of internet content, around 2003, when their “Halo” comedy series “Red Vs Blue” already finished their first season and was working on 2. I loved everything about the wacky cast of NSFW trash-talking violent sociopaths in the military IN SPACE and as of 2013, the show is still going strong and released on Netflix.

Then, a couple weeks ago I saw a rated TV-PG animated show called “RWBY” (pronounced Ruby) starring an anime-esque (Attack on Titan T Shirt from our anime selection) group of teen girls in color coded outfits (Red, White, Black and Yellow) added to Netflix. As the parent of a small child missing the freshly over Avatar: the Legend of Korra, I wanted to see if it was any good. I found out that RWBY was also made by Rooster Teeth and that it was the brainchild of 33 year old creator, Monty Oum. Attack on Titan t shirt

Unfortunately, I found this out because tragically, Monty Oum passed away a week ago after having a severe allergic reaction to antibiotics. The show is fantastic, for any age group or to watch as a family (aside from some Princess Mononoke-like monster blood and violence). The characters are instantly relatable, especially if you play D&D, and the dialog has the signature rapid-fire hilarity that RT is known for with none of the creative profanity.

So if you’re into CGI that looks hand-drawn, fun and funny fantasy, cute girls (and guys) who kick ass and family-friendly action that is well-choreographed and emotionally charged, please check out RWBY on Netflix streaming or on the Rooster Teeth home site. RIP Monty Oum. You were brilliant and generous.

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