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Star Trek Retrospective: Episode 30 Amok Time

Of course when you think of Star Trek the Original Series this is one of the first episodes that come to mind and for good reason.  It has some very cool Spock development, is a perfect example of the bond of friendship that was such an important part of this series (and kind of lacking in all the latter shows.  In almost all of them the friendship was just assumed and kind of perfunctory, while in this show it seemed truly genuine) and let’s see.  I think there’s one more thing that’s escaping me.  Hmm.  What is it?  Oh, yeah.  THE GREATEST FIGHT SCENE IN TV OR MOVIE HISTORY.

I will argue this to my grave.  In truth it wasn’t the best choreographed (although it was brilliantly choreographed) nor was it the most athletic or brutal, but the greatest dramas occur when you see stuff happen to characters you care about and you know are in a bad spot.  In this sense you can’t let this one go with less than the top prize.  Kirk knows he doesn’t really have a chance against Spock nor does he want to hurt him.  Spock is frenzied and actively trying to kill Kirk but you know he really doesn’t want to while McCoy stands helpless to the side.  A more dramatic fight scene you won’t find.

Horror Movie T-ShirtsSure, you can talk about the fight scenes from They Live, or Enter the Dragon, or the Empire Strikes Back as brilliant fight scenes (and they are.  They Live image courtesy of the Horror Movie T-Shirt category) but put all the camera and chroreography on a level playing field and you will not ever find a better, more engaging fight.  Of course it is all set to the greatest fight music song off all time in my humble opinion (as an aside, should you ever come to trade fisticuffs with me and for some reason the Star Trek fight music is playing in the background prepare to have your ass handed to you six ways to Sunday.  There isn’t a song in the world that gets my blood pumping harder or my aggression more up.  On the other hand if you manage to get something by One Direction or Justin Bieber playing I will probably just roll up into a fetal position and let you kick me in the stomach until I puke up my small intestine).

Anyway, if you want to see the power of this scene watch it and then go watch Cable Guy again (one of Jim Carrey’s most underrated films).  Also, while this observation probably won’t go over with all two of my female readers but this fight, like most brutal fist fights between best friends (and casual acquaintances) is all the girls fault.  Just saying.

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