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Star Trek Retrospective: Episode 26 Errand of Mercy

Attack on Titan T ShirtThis is an episode I kind of like but kind of don’t really care a lot about.  All it resulted in was a peace treaty and the set up for the Trouble With Tribbles.  The Organians as super powerful energy beings honestly got kind of boring once you learn who they really are.  The only real fun was watching Kirk and Kor verbally spar and treat the peace loving Organians with absolute contempt for their unwillingness to kill people.  Also, what is the deal with the letter K?  Kirk, Kor, Kang, Khan.  Is that the recommended letter for future Star Trek Alpha males in the Roddenberry universe?

I supposed one cool thing was the idea of so powerful a being shown as so innocuous.  Usually when we think powerful we see something like the guy on this Attack on Titan t shirt but really the powerful people in the universe are usually the ones you least expect.  In comic books it’s always the brainy villains who are the most dangerous.  You can avoid Killer Krok but Joker is not to be messed with.  It’s not always about obvious brawn.

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