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Star Trek Retrospective: Episode 3 Where No Man Has Gone Before

This is an interesting episode in that it is the second pilot for the series.  The first one, the Cage, was rejected of hand by NBC.  Thankfully Lucille Ball convinced them to run a second pilot and this one came out great.  I guess all Trek fans owe a great debt to the late Lucille Ball.  I think I will add some I Love Lucy shirts to our site next in thanks.

You can tell this is a pilot as the women were still wearing slacks.  I guess the mandatory short skirts and 70s black disco boots came down as notes from the studio executives.  You don’t hear me complaining.  I just Googled some Uhura pics and she makes that uniform look amazing.  I admit I have a weakness for women in Star Trek uniforms from any series.  When we set up our booth a Star Trek convention it is always extremely distracting.

Anyway, this episode is also the only time in TOS that we see the Phaser Rifle.  Of course from TNG onward the rifle was so prevalent you’d think they were insulating the ship bulkhead with them but Roddenberry really didn’t want to make this show into a shoot em up.  Horror Movie T ShirtThat being said I’ve always felt one great weakness of Star Trek is all the guns look like TV remote controls.  Not like this Aliens beauty I pulled from the horror movie t shirt category.

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