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George Lucas continues to defile and disgrace his whored out legacy.

So while listening to Geektime this morning I heard that the new Star Wars Kinnect will be coming out soon.  I don’t really have any problem with that.  The problem I have is that it is supposed to include a dance off feature where you can dance against or as Darth Vader.  This is wrong on so many levels it boggles my mind.  This Vader image is from the Star Wars tshirts, by the way.

It seems pretty obvious now that not only was George Lucas specifically not responsible for all the things that made Star Wars great but actually does not get the movies himself at all and possible has never actually watched them.  Darth Vader should never dance.  The very idea of him dancing is so wrong that anyone suggesting it should probably be executed for the good of humanity.  Darth Vader is in all ways cool, menacing, and deadly.  The only people dancing around him should be the people he is force choking for failure.

However, it seems pretty obvious that Lucas really doesn’t care one bit about Star Wars and would willingly show any of his characters engaged in illegal and immoral sexual acts if someone offered him enough money.  He started it with the Holiday Special and has steadily spiraled down and down.  By the way, his dumb 3D Phantom Menace comes out this weekend.  Join me in specifically not seeing this opus and no longer supporting him in any way.


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