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Another question from the Phantom Menace

Sorry to go back to this one, but this movie has a bunch of things that I have to wonder about.  Dave would say it’s because Lucas is an incompetent move making moron, but I think when he wrote it he figured the movie would appeal more to kids than adults and therefore didn’t have to bother with stuff like continuity or making sense.  Kind of like when you are telling kids the story of Santa Claus you really don’t have too get to deep into his back story.

So the question for the day is this: If the Trade Federation was going to conquer Naboo and the only real target was the capital city, why did they set their entire army on the opposite side of the planet and then travel over land?  I would park my army outside the gates.  It was established that Naboo really didn’t have much in the way of defenses, but even if they did I think it would be worth losing a few more droids in order to not give them weeks to prepare a defense.  For that matter, given the fact that the army seemed to moving a leisurely walk, it could have taken months to get there.

You might ask how I know that they landed on the other side of the planet.  Well, the fact is the quickest way to the Naboo city was through the planets core implying a distance of at least several thousand miles.

Dumb question, but it has been bugging me.  The Republic logo I found in Dave’s Star Wars tshirt collection.


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