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An annoying question from Star Wars

Dave hates this kind of question because it impugns his precious episodes 4-6 not just his reviled 1-3.  Here is a question that has been bothering me for a long time:

Darth Vader’s original surname was Skywalker.  He knows he had kids at some point.  If Yoda and Obi Wan wanted to keep the kids hidden from Darth why did Luke grow up with the surname of Skywalker?  Is it really smart to hide a kid in a way that a modest Google search would uncover him?  I mean, even if I didn’t believe my kids were alive I think I might Google my own name once in a while just to see what pops up.  Dave has a service on Google that alerts him every time his business or this blog pops up somewhere.  If I were a powerful Jedi and knew that my relatives were possibly strong with the force I think I might have that service set up for the name “Skywalker” just in case some long lost cousin surfaced that I could potentially recruit.

Dave’s already pissed.  These things bug him a lot.  The image I got from his massive Star Wars tshirt collection.  What a nerd.


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