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Four Pokemon You Can Use On Mewtwo in Red/Blue

We all remember the old Pokemon games, Red and Blue. Later on, long before Gold and Silver shook things up with many new species, Yellow added to the fun by taking the ordinary model and adding many new features, such as a Pikachu that would follow you around. Although the balancing wasn’t perfect, the original Pokemon games were a unique experience and for many of us, were our first introduction to Nintendo. The Pokemon games are the reason so many people still wear Nintendo t shirts, or at least, one of the reasons. We all had a blast playing Pokemon and putting Pokemon posters on our walls..

But then there’s that little rascal, Mewtwo! It was obviously a lot of fun to play Mewtwo when you’re the one knocking enemy Pokemon around with zero effort. But suddenly, when you run into another player who is kicking your butt with their Mewtwo, it’s not fun anymore. The only real option is to pull out your own Mewtwo and go head-to-head, and that just gets boring after a while. So what are some non-Mewtwo Pokemon you can use to knock that sucker out? Is there any way to beat him without hauling out a long list of your own legendaries, or is he just invincible?

The first thing you could try is Parasect. I know what you’re thinking: “Parasect? That weak bug Pokemon? How in the world is he going to help me against Mewtwo?” Well, there is a specific moveset that you have to use. That moveset is as follows: substitute, spore, sword dance, mega drain. Start off by using spore to put Mewtwo to sleep. Then throw out a substitute and begin using sword dance to raise your attack. Finally, spam mega drain until big M2 bites the dust.  The attack boost from sword dance, plus the bug-type bonus against psychics, ensures that mega drain will deal huge damage to Mewtwo. Even better, if Mewtwo wakes up and uses psychic to kill the substitute, you can just put him back to sleep with spore, which has a very high accuracy. On top of that, mega drain restores health to your parasect, so you can easily toss out another substitute once Mewtwo is sleeping again. If you can pull this off, there is nothing Mewtwo can do!The second thing you could try is Snorlax. The Snorlax moveset you want is amnesia, rest, headbutt, and selfdestruct. Simply use amnesia three times to begin with. This raises your special greatly so that Mewtwo’s psychic can’t knock you down. You can even rest and leave Snorlax out there for three rounds. His HP is so high he can weather three rounds of an angry Mewtwo, provided he has three amnesias under his belt. Then attack repeatedly with headbutt. Headbutt has the side effect of causing Mewtwo to flinch, which can open him up for another headbutt. Once Mewtwo’s hp is low enough, use selfdestruct for the KO.

Two final options are Dugtrio and Electrode. With Electrode, attack with thunderwave to paralyze Mewtwo, explosion to take a chunk from his HP, and then send out Snorlax. With Dugtrio, just use fissure repeatedly and hope for that one-hit KO.

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