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Who would win in a fight? Captain James Kirk versus Captain Han Solo?

There is a lot of nerd debate between which is the better series, Star Wars or Star Trek, but let’s break it down to the real brass tacks.  Obviously Kirk and Solo are the coolest characters from either series, and as they are both Captains the question is who would win in a fight?

I think I need to break it down to two different sub questions: fist fight or gun fight.  Unfortunately we don’t have many examples of Han Solo’s hand to hand fighting ability, while Kirk seems to excel at it.  I seem to recall Solo being pretty worthless in the rescue from Jabba until he got a blaster in his hand.  On the other hand, he got that scar on his chin somehow.  However, I think Kirk would prevail in a straight up fight, at least if he has enough room for a couple of shoulder rolls.

In a gun fight I think I will have to go with Solo.  He is a practiced marksmen and quick draw expert, and does not hesitate to pull the trigger as Greedo found out when Han shot first.  Also, blasters are way cooler looking and sounding than phasers.

Milienium Falcoln versus Enterprise I’ll save for another day.  The Falcoln image I got from Dave’s Star Wars tshirt collection.


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