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15 Fictional Characters I wish were real life friends of mine: 5 of 15

11.  Peter Venkman from Ghostbusters.

Horror movie t shirtsThis one’s a no brainer.  I would want Venkman to be my friend because he is just funny and sarcastic as hell.  Of course this could totally backfire when he started making fun of me and treating me with contempt like he does pretty much everyone.  However I think I could hit him back with the fact that he has a PhD in a pseudo science and got fired for doing nothing but torturing undergrads.  On the other hand he is pretty smooth with the ladies and kind of a horn dog.  I don’t know if I need that competition.

Why would Venkman want to be my friend?  I honestly am struggling with this one.  He seems to have no real friends just guys he works with and treats with contempt and disrespect.  I guess he is friends with Stantz and Egon but doesn’t show them a lot of love.  This is a situation where I would have to count on my natural charm to win him over.  In the castle in my head everyone loves me.

By the way the Ghostbusters logo I found in the Horror Movie t shirt category but for the life of me can’t decide if it belongs there or not.

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