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15 Fictional Characters I wish were real life friends of mine: 10 of 15

6.  Grandpa Munster

Horror Movie T-ShirtAdmit it.  You know without a doubt that Grandpa Munster would be a blast to hang out with.  Herman too, but Herman is nothing without Grandpa.  He is a dirty old man vampire who can whip up magic potions and has his own laboratory in the basement.  Plus he’s always smiling and having people smiling around you is a great way to pick up your attitude.  Hanging out with him would give me the chance to solve two great Munsters mysteries: where does he get that amazing hair cut and if he is Lily’s father why is he called Grandpa Munster?  Shouldn’t he be Grandpa Dracula (Lily’s maiden name.  Never try to out geek-fu me!).

Why would Grandpa want to be my friend?  Honestly I don’t think he needs an excuse.  He is so friendly and cheerful that I think he just likes everyone (or at least likes sucking out everyone’s blood, although that part was never really addressed in the Munsters).  Plus with all the schemes and shenanigans he and Herman get into I’m sure another friend and/or alibi might come in handy.

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